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Supporting people to work with continuous change

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Managing Change

Most organisations are currently experiencing massive and urgent change.

With no time to plan, no time to prepare the organisation and no time to prepare the workforce we’ve seen most organisations react quite well with services continuing mainly due to a sense of shared purpose, shared goals and shared understanding. This situation we’re in tells us that people are able to accept and adapt quickly and people have the ability to work in agile ways.

– It’s getting messy, change is constant, there is more to come
– Moving into the unknown challenges the sense of purpose and shared understanding
– People are feeling unsettled due to uncertainty of what’s to come
– People will start to experience change fatigue which brings resistance, other emotions and risks people returning to what feels more comfortable to them but may not be right for the organisation
– Returning to individual comfort zones will have challenging impacts which may take longer to put right
– More change, more stress, more sick days

RENEW – an opportunity to create a improved and sustainable response to change where people are aligned to the shared purpose, goals and vision. This will provide the longest lasting and sustained rise in productivity.
REVIEW – the current situation is sustained with opportunities to go backwards removed and opportunities opened to move forward. The window of opportunity to take this option is now!
REVERT – this is the ‘do nothing’ option and a short-sighted approach. Any change implemented will be difficult to sustain as people revert back to known and old ways of working. Productivity will quickly reduce, possibly to levels below what they were.

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