About us

A family inspired name signifying strength and longevity

Our story

Geneva Pearl was formed out of necessity.

“I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated by how change was being managed, and the inability to be flexible and agile with clients. “ 

The name is made up of my grandmother’s first name and a name many of the first-born females in the family have been given.  

 My grandmother lived until she was 99. Her mind sharp and her spirit strong, always. My mother is the backbone of our family, turning her hand to anything she sets her mind to. She raised 8 children whilst having a successful career herself. Her actions showed us that anything is possible, when you work hard. 

Our Team

Patricia has over 30 years’  experience working in large corporations leading large scale change initiatives. She has worked across many sectors including  telecommunications, professional services, health and banking.  

Patricia’s focus is helping organisations create a culture that enables it to thrive, bringing the human element  digital transformation.            

Patricia Brooks

Director and Chief

Leona is an expert copywriter previously serving as an editor for local newspapers, writing for online fashion publications, as well as writing her own blog. Her writing skills range from in depth product descriptions, SEO, social media content, analytics and also research-based informative content.

Her Masters in  fashion media promotion, gives her a set of transferable skills she’s able to use in different environments.

Leona Vernon

Digital Marketing Manager

Anton is a journalism graduate with a passion for sports. He has created videos for You Tube, co-hosted sports talks and set up and managed a football tournament, raising hundreds for charity.

Hands on, focused and driven with the ability to learn new skills very fast and to a high level.  His knowledge of social media is invaluable.  His career goal is to work in Media City.

Anton Brooks

Digital Marketing and Social Media Associate

Gaelle is a Change specialist with over 20 years’ experience managing large complex transformation programs across the UK, Australia and Singapore.

She has a proven track record of delivering technology-led change across multiple industries including health and education. Her experience across countries and industries has given her a breadth and depth of experience that can be applied to any change programme.

Gaelle Fertil

Associate Consultant

David is a change leader with over 20 years’ experience working in health care, within clinical practice, workforce training and development, policy and quality improvement. 

He has a proven track record of delivering improvement across health care and university education.  He is passionate about creating learning cultures where staff can grow and flourish during change whilst looking after their own wellbeing.

David Knivett

Associate Consultant

Paulette brings a wealth of experience gained within UK Investment Banking and Health.She spent the last 14 years within the world leading National Health Service, her later years dedicated to clinical consultant and junior doctor recruitment. She is a diligent and trusted individual, often selected by senior executives to work alongside them on critical projects.

Her approachable nature makes her a perfect addition to the Geneva Pearl team.

Paulette Ross

Consultant Engagement Managaer (Grenada)

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