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enabling change at a business, team and individual  level

There’s only one Geneva Pearl

Geneva Pearl is an award-winning person-centred consultancy focusing on guiding organisations through the complexities of creating a culture that supports business strategy.

A crucial aspect of culture change is understanding that individuals play a pivotal role in culture, and are in turn impacted by it. 

This is why our services essentially focus on people as individuals, part of a team or the whole organisation.

In partnership, we’ll help you understand the problem, define where you want to be, co-create the strategy and plans, then support you to turn that strategy into actions to help you transform.

What we’re about

Geneva Pearl is built on our core values of Integrity, Compassion and Respect. We actively seek out partners and suppliers who align with these.

With a vision to make business culture a key component of the annual plan, our mission for business culture to be a respected conversation around the board table is key.

We are also on a mission to ensure wellbeing is integral to all development initiatives. We have developed the WellWork Journal to make it easier for our clients to incorporate wellbeing activities into our working lives.


We’ll consult with you, helping to identify your business culture, its impact and what impacts it. We’ll empower you and your team, to develop skills that address business challenges and we’ll support your whole change journey, helping you truly transform.  

Geneva pearl works with your whole organisation, from leaders through to front line staff, providing targeted support at every level.

We work with leaders to build the strongest and most effective leadership team and the best relationships with their people.

We work with managers giving them the knowledge and skills they need to drive the required change whilst supporting their teams.

We work with individuals ensuring they have what they need to embrace change and support personal wellbeing.

How we can help

Culture Change

We’ll help you identify your business culture, its impact and what impacts it.

Agile Change Management

We’ll guide and support you on your change journey, helping you to implement sustained change.

Leadership Development

We’ll help leaders be the best they can be and get the best from their people.

Our variety may not be huge, but our impact is!

We’re proud to be…

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