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WellWork Journal

Embed new skills and knowledge whilst looking after your wellbeing

The WellWork Journal ® is a new concept to easily incorporate wellbeing into your working day.

The first part is a workbook containing all the materials needed for your learning event, that you then continue to use in your day to day, helping to embed the knowledge and skills learned.

There is a notebook, plus a host of pages filled with practical suggestions, affirmations, prompts and reminders to help improve your wellbeing. And for relaxation, we’ve included some mindfulness activities.

It’s designed to reduce stress, increase productivity and bring balance to your working day. 

“We hope you feel the benefit, like those who have used the WellWork Journal® before you.”

Image showing front cover of WellWork Journal with picture of ink dispersing in water. Also part of a sample table of contents

Be more sustainable in your training practice

The first of its kind. Born out of a desire to reduce the paper generated during events AND because wellbeing is at the core of all our engagements. The 6 modules combine everything required for the learning intervention, with a notebook to use in the day-to-day and pages to support ongoing wellbeing. Choose from our Original or Bespoke options.

Original WellWork®

Suitable for CliftonStrengths © coaches or trainers

  • CliftonStrengths © individual and team coaching learning content
  • Notebook
  • 4 wellbeing modules
  • Choice of 4 covers (blue/grey, green/black, natural, red/yellow)

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Bespoke WellWork®

Suitable for trainers, training organisations, L&D Departments, anyone developing their own content

  • Your specific learning content, any subject
  • Notebook
  • 4 wellbeing modules
  • Company branded
  • Company leadership message (optional)


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